cattery of Siberian cats

About Us


  "STARBERIAN" is a small home based cattery, located in Minneapolis, MN. Our cattery was established in 2000.  Contact me at [email protected]!




  My husband and I have 6 kids who are grown up and moved out, but they all come and visit often - still a revolving door around here and brings the feel of old days when family was busy and loud with 6 kids in the house.

Our kittens are raised underfoot with lots of love and attention. I have daycare with children ranging in ages from 2 to 11 years old. My husband is a professional graphic artist and works from home. As you can see, our kittens get a lot of social experiences with all ages of people, from toddlers to adults! Everyone helps with my kittens, from the youngest to the oldest and they are all very much loved and spoiled babies!

 We coined and chose the name "STARBERIAN" because we believe Siberians are the "stars" of the cat breed and deserve this kind of recognition, just like the "stars" of show business! They are so personable and social; loving and affectionate, with a sense of humor, along with being smart and easy to train - add to this their natural beauty and hypoallergenic qualities - you truly have a "star" in your presence!