cattery of Siberian cats

Hypo - Allergenic Factor



 Over the years I have placed many kittens into allergy homes. In addition, my family and I have a lot of experience in the allergy department - and all of us have lived very successfully with Siberians and our allergies.

 I work with cat allergy sufferers by requiring a visit to my home to see how the allergic person reacts to my cats. There is a non-refundable $50 fee paid in cash at the time of the visit, or by check if mailed prior to the allergy visit. If you do well and reserve a kitten, this will go toward your reservation deposit. All deposits (allergy and reservation) go toward the cost of your kitten. We also give counsel how to live "allergy free" to ensure success that your Siberian will be with their human family for their natural life.


About the Siberian Cat

 History of Siberian Cats

The Siberian is a cat breed which originates from Russia. These cats are domestic, meaning that they will happily live with humans. They have been present in Russia for at least a few centuries and some consider it to be an ancient cat breed, perhaps the ancestor of all modern long-haired cats. Despite its long history in Siberia, this cat was not imported into the United States until around 1990. 


Siberian Cat Behavior

Siberian cats have long been loved because of their sweet temperament. A Siberian cat behaves much like a dog does. They are very friendly and get along well with other animals, including dogs. They also get along with young children. Siberians are smart and energetic as well.

These cats are great rodent hunters, in fact, they were imported into St, Petersburg, Russia in the 1940′s to assist with a rodent problem.

Like many cats, they are fascinated with water, love to drop toys in it and drink from faucets.

They are a talkative breed. They make many noises beyond the typical mews from most cats.

They have unique triple coat which is suited for colder climates like their native Siberia, but is very easy to maintain.

Physical Aspects of the Siberian Forest Cat

Siberians are very agile jumpers due to their strong and powerful build. They have very large, well rounded paws and strong hind-quarters.

The Siberian Cat is considered a semi-long haired cat. Their fur, as mentioned earlier, contains all three types of feline fur. This includes guard hairs, awn hairs, and down. This thick coat helped them survive in the harsh winters of Siberia. Their coat is textured and glossy, and easy to care for. You should brush once a week and more frequently during the shedding times of the year, most notably in the spring.